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5 Astonishing Facts About EICR Certificates Every Landlord Should Know

EICR Certificates

When it comes to rental property management, understanding the importance of EICR Certificates is crucial. 

As a leading service provider in East London, Royal Docks Electrical aims to shed light on some of the most astonishing facts about EICR Certificates. 

These insights underline the significance of electrical safety and highlight why staying compliant is essential for every landlord.

The 2020 Legislation Change

In-Depth: April 2020 marked a pivotal change in the UK’s approach to electrical safety in rental properties. Before this, obtaining an EICR Certificate was a best practice recommendation rather than a legal requirement. The introduction of this legislation underscores a nationwide shift towards heightened safety standards in residential properties.

Implication: For landlords, this change meant revisiting their property management strategies to ensure every rental unit complies with the new EICR regulations, significantly impacting the rental housing sector.

Surprising Non-Compliance Rates

In Detail: Despite the clear legal stipulations, many rental properties must still align with EICR regulations. This non-compliance is a legal oversight and a potential hazard, jeopardising tenant safety.

Impact: This fact calls for an urgent need among landlords to understand the gravity of electrical safety checks and actively seek professional EICR assessment services.

High Failure Rates in Initial Inspections

Exploration: Data gathered after implementing EICR regulations revealed a high failure rate in initial inspections. This finding indicates the widespread neglect of electrical systems in rental properties, many of which had outdated or hazardous installations.

Consequence: This necessitates a more rigorous approach from landlords towards maintaining and upgrading electrical installations in their properties.

Hefty Penalties for Non-Compliance

Details: There are severe potential penalties for not having a valid EICR Certificate. Landlords can face fines up to £30,000 – a figure highlighting the government’s stern stance on ensuring electrical safety in rental accommodations.

Takeaway: This serves as a wake-up call for landlords to prioritise obtaining EICR Certificates not only for compliance but for the safety and well-being of their tenants.

The Preventable Nature of Electrical Accidents

Insight: Many electrical fires and accidents in homes are preventable. Regular inspections and compliance with EICR Certificates can significantly reduce these incidents.

Reflection: This emphasises the critical role that EICR Certificates play in preventing potential hazards and protecting lives.


Understanding these facts about EICR Certificates is not just about adhering to legal requirements; it’s about ensuring a safe living environment for tenants. 

As experts in providing EICR Certificates in East London, we at Royal Docks Electrical are committed to helping landlords navigate these regulations easily. For a detailed guide and professional assistance, visit our comprehensive guide on EICR Certificates.

Ensure your properties are safe and compliant. Contact us for thorough and reliable EICR Certificate services, and join us in making East London a safer place to live, one property at a time.


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