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Smart Home Device Installation

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Our homes are getting ‘smarter’.

With the arrival of items such as the Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, more and more of us are starting to use ‘talkables’ and wireless technology to manage day to day items within our homes.

And that’s before you even consider items such as intelligent lighting, Hive or Nest installations or automated blinds and curtains!

Canary Wharf – Smart Home Electrical Installations

Here at Royal Docks Electrical – we are up to date with the latest in smart home technology – and can help you to install and setup your at home technology.

While some of the best smart devices are simple – such as lights that dim with a quick command, or sockets that you can turn off with the sound of your voice, the opportunities offered by smart devices are almost endless. From a button to order your washing powder (handily placed on your washing machine) to an alarm system that you can control on your phone from anywhere in the world – the use of smart technology in our homes is on increase.

While we all remember futuristic predictions of robot maids and flying cars, the actual reality of smart home technology is that our electrical devices are now able to communicate with each other  – meaning that our phones can control our heating, our voice can control what song we want to hear, and our laptop can become the control centre of our home. The wealth of opportunity provided by smart home devices is almost endless. No more waiting for your morning coffee- ask your kettle to boil itself before getting out of bed!

Need someone to set up your smart lighting?

From small jobs such as installing smart sockets that work with your Alexa, to larger installations such as entire at home smart entertainment of lighting systems, we are able to assist.

Need a local electrician to install Hive in Canary Wharf? Give us a call.
Bought some Phillips smart light switches and need them installed? Why not contact us?

Our knowledge of smart home tech installation means that we will have you up and connected quickly – so you can enjoy all of the benefits of modern technology faster than you can say ‘Alexa turn down the lights’.


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