Extra Sockets For Your Home

Are you looking to help make your home a little easier to navigate? Then our extra socket installation might be just what you need. Rather than having a web of wires and extension cords all running around your home, you can turn to our team to get a quick, painless and fully professional socket installation put in place immediately.

Our Royal Docks team of experts can get new, extra sockets installed for you in double-time. By doing this, we make it much easier for you to get an easier to walk around household that isn’t over-drawing on the sources it does have. Save Floor Space and Stay Safe with Extra Sockets Installation. Our team help people all across the East London area get their properties looking great and being much easier to traverse with these simple installations. If you are looking to remove clutter and make walking around at night much less of a hazard, then come and speak to us.

We can get new sockets installed quickly and easily that will ensure you are well on track for a much safer household. This will make sure your home stays easy to traverse and avoids excessive socket pressure. Contact us now and request a free quotation.

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Outside Lighting & Sockets

electrical sockets

When it comes to working outside, you can find that having a lack of electrical feed can become a real problem. Many people will try and cut the grass, for example, with a large cord running from inside your home to outside. At Royal Docks Electrical, we help to avoid this annoying problem by making sure you have a safe, easy to work with and weatherproof socket installation.

This removes the need for large trails of cords in and out the house, and makes everything much easier to manage from the outside. Make your gardening and landscaping much simpler, starting today! Call 020 7473 7807

Outside Lighting Specialists in East London

We also provide easy to work with and credible outdoor lighting. If you enjoy sitting out in the summer, or want to make those late-night returns home a little more visible, then our outdoor lighting can be just what you need! This is going to make it much easier for you to get around the household without any of the usual stress when coming home at night. Improve visibility, reduce risk and make the outdoors feel a whole lot more comfortable today. Using our outdoor installations, you can make life so much simpler!

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