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If You Need an Emergency Electrician at Home: Here’s What You Need To Do

Emergency Electrician

Your home is your hideaway, your safe place and probably one of your favourite places to spend time. Home is where the heart is – and for most of us, our home is where most of our money is invested. You home is the most valuable thing you own – so taking care of it is so important. Protecting you home (at all costs) against anything that could go wrong, should always be at the top of your priority list.

Emergency Electricians

This means ensuring you have insurance, making sure you have suppliers and tradesmen on hand for last-minute jobs, ensuring you invest in the right people and quality work. It’s these key things that will ensure you house runs how it should…

But accidents do happen, and sometimes things go wrong.

It can happen to even the most prepared people, sometimes life is unpredictable and something goes wrong or malfunctions.

But how would you cope it your electric systems went down? Electricity (for most of us) tends to be the lifeline of our house. It’s how things are powered, how things run, and where everything gets its juice. Have a think for a second… How would you cope if your electrics stopped working tomorrow – without the key appliances like a fridge, central heating and even washing machines, suddenly life becomes a lot more difficult. Would you know who to call, or even how to explain the problem?

Here we’ll talk about what you should do if you need an emergency electrician, and also how to tell if you need one, and how to know if calling an emergency electrician is the right thing to do.

What if… Your power goes out?

The first thing to check if your power goes out, is whether or not it’s a neighbourhood power cut, or just your house. If it’s the entire street, or even the entire village / town – then there won’t be much you can do and calling an emergency electrician won’t help things. However, if it’s just your house that seems to be having problems, and the power stays out for more than an hour with no sign of coming back on – it may be time to call in an emergency electrician. The fault could be your wiring, which is something you’ll want to get resolved ASAP – if only to put your mind at ease that the power outage won’t happen again.

What if… Your power outlets get wet / flood?

Electricity and water don’t mix – they never have and never will. They just don’t work well together, and getting water in, around or near an electricity outlet should be avoided at all costs. Floods do happen though, and water damage is worrying and dangerous in some cases.

If the flood or water is increasing, try to reach the electrical outlet before the water touches them – and unplug / remove any appliance or gadget connected to them – it’s also key to switch off the plug socket too. Another thing you’ll want to do is switch the electricity off at the mains too – and just (in general) ensure you and anyone inside the house is safe.

You’ll likely call a plumber first (if the flood is coming from inside the house) or you’ll want to stem the flow of water and create barriers against more getting in (if the water is coming from outside the house). Once you can access the affected areas safely though, you’ll want to contact your emergency electrician. Make sure you steer clear of the lights, switches (even the water itself) until the electrician has given you the go ahead. Any power outlets that have been water damaged from the flood, will need professional assessment to ensure they’re safe, or replaced.

What if… I smell burning or see smoke?

The smell of burning is never a good sign, especially if the smell seems to be coming from an electrical device or an electrical outlet. Smoke is the same – it’s a bad warning sign that should be taken very seriously.

If you notice a burning smell, or smoke, it’s important to act quickly. Don’t hesitate in this situation, and ensure you switch off your home’s  power supply at the fuse box, and then immediately call an emergency electrician. Your emergency electrician will be able to ensure the problem is located properly, and the issue is dealt with quickly and efficiently. There are many reasons why you might smell burning or see smoke, some of them are very dangerous to you and your home – so acting fast is crucial.

If you’re based in east London and find yourself in a tricky situation, our emergency electrician will be able to help. We can get out to you quickly and efficiently and we understand that things often happen without planning, so you need someone fast.


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